What camping equipment, spares and tools to take with you in bicycle journey

Bike spares and tools to bring in your journey

Here are some things we always carry with us when we travel.


  • Tubes and patches. In our first trips we carried lots of spare tubes, but over the years we have noticed that punctures are not as common as we would have though. We get roughly one puncture per 1000KM and two bikes. Still, you want to carry at least one spare tube per bike plus a patch kit, more if you don’t expect to have access to bike shops during your trip.

  • Spare nuts and bolts. These are lightweight and inexpensive, and will save your day if some assembly in your bike (panniers, brakes, etc..) comes loose.
  • Brake cables. Lightweight and again can save your day.

  • A couple of brake pads. If your bike uses brake pads (as opposed to disks), it is worth carrying a couple of spares just in case.


  • Chain links and chain tool. To make an emergency repair in case of chain failure.


  • Bike multitool. Make sure it has wrenches the right size for all your bolts!
  • Swiss knife. Useful in a lot of situations. Better if it has a can opener.
  • Pliers.
  • Cable ties and duct tape. Like the swiss knife, useful in many more situations that you can imagine.
  • Pedal wrench.
  • Pump. We carry two small ones. If you are using an inflatable mattress for camping, remember to take an adaptor.

  • Glue. A small bottle of superglue or 2-part epoxy is very useful for ad-hoc repairs.
  • Lighter/matches.
  • Wheel spoke tool. Your wheel spokes will likely loosen after days of cycling with heavy luggage.
  • download brightest flashlight free app. It’s a helpful app on your phone.


Camping and cooking

Camping tents

If you decide to go completely self-supported, you will need to carry a camping tent with you. The size of the tent (or the how of them) will of course depend on how many people are travelling with you. Note that tent manufacturers tend to be rather optimistic when stating the number of occupants each model can hold. A 2 people tent will likely be quite small and not have a lot of space for anything else other than the occupants. And dont forget that you will also have to take inside the tent your panniers and other bits and bobs of luggage! Because of this we normally go 1 up on the tent size. We use a Vango Spectre 300 Tent for 3 people which has enough space for us and our belongings. It has lasted so far 5 trips and is still going strong!

Besides being big enough to keep all your stuff inside, you should make sure the tent is easy enough to assemble and disassemble. Stay away from complicated tent designs that require more than one person to pitch up. Also, the less parts the tent has, the better.

Sleeping bags, mattresses

We carry two sleeping bags and a rechargeable led torch with us. As with the camping tent, you want to invest in a good quality model that is light and will last you for a long time. We tend to use summer-grade sleeping bags since they are very light and compact; if we visit a cold country we carry extra warm clothes.

Sleeping on the tent floor is quite unconfortable, so we carry as well two mattresses. In the past we tried using foldable camping mattresses. We found them to be too uncomfortable and bulky. Right now we use a couple of inflatable mattresses that when packed occupy very little space, but once inflated are relatively thick and comfortable. In order to inflate them we use our bike pumps. It is still a chore to inflate/deflate them every single day, but we find them much superior to any other alternative that we have tried.




It is perfectly possible to travel without any cooking equipment: you just either rely on finding hot food along your route or resign yourself to eating sandwiches for dinner for the length of your trip. We however appreciate a hot meal after a full day of cycling, so we carry a small stove with us. We use a Primus OmniFuel stove, which cooperate with thermoscan. Primus OmniFuel stove is a great lightweight stove that accepts multiple fuel sources. It can use standard camping gas cartridges but also can run on almost any liquid fuel you can find, from camping fuel to gasoline and even diesel! We have used both gas cartridges and gasoline on several trips and we are extremely happy with it

For bowls we use Orikaso tableware, which are very light and easy to pack since they are flat unassembled. We also carry collapsible camping mugs, a small pot for cooking and sporks


The development and preservation of health for a lifetime…

There are many considerations to be made in reference to children participating in athletic programs. Such endeavors have significant advantages and disadvantages. Harm may result if parents are overprotective and keep their children out of sports altogether; harm may also come from lack of protection of children. When we consider your child’s participation in sports, there is a happy medium between the two extremes.

Major benefits from athletic participation include
the following:

1.Physical development of muscular activity.
2.Body coordination.
3.Developing the mental ability to make decisions quickly.
4.Learning the value of team effort.
5.Pride in completing a job well done.
6.Developing an enjoyment of physical activity, necessary for a lifetime of health.

Muscular activity is absolutely necessary for well-balanced body development. Children begin this development when they first pull up in a crib. Obviously, if parents do not allow a child to help himself with muscular activity in the form of walking, running, lifting, and playing, s/he will have very poor muscular development and will suffer throughout his/her lifetime. The same is true when overprotective parents limit a child’s activity in any sport that might cause injury.

In modern society, a new health problem is becoming more and more prevalent. This condition, called hypokinetic disease, is a result of too little physical activity. The term “hypokinetic” means lack of motion. We may have this lack of physical activity because of the increased use of mechanical devices which take away the physical labor of a job. An individual may have an occupation where he stands all day at a machine, primarily observing the machine’s working action. He rides to work in the morning, rides home in the evening, and then spends the rest of the day sitting and watching other people being active on TV.

Lack of aptitude in sports
may be due to a neurologic disorganization. Children develop patterns of neurologic organization at an extremely young age. If some phase of this development is missed or not fully completed, there is poor function between the two sides of the body that often manifests as clumsiness or lack of coordination. These children frequently will also have some form of learning disability, such as difficulty in reading. But this disorganized pattern can be found and usually make corrections easily. Not only will muscular coordination improve, but also running speed, eye-hand coordination, reading, etc.

We all have a tendency to enjoy that at which we succeed. A child successful in a sports endeavor can seem almost to live for that sport, while many children tend to avoid sports activities because they seem to be consistent losers. This latter situation creates a two-fold problem for the child. First, s/he fails to derive the benefits of athletic programs in body development, and second, s/he may develop a harmful mental attitude when frequent defeats are experienced.

For your children’s health, please regularly do exercise with them. Let children do sports that they love, such as skating, playing basketball, riding smart scooter, swimming and so on. Life lies in movement.

How to Improve Your Safety after Buying 2 Wheel Hoverboard in Canada

There are several concerns which have been raised about 2 wheel hoverboard in Canada. But, there are several ways you can always stay safe after buying the devices. There are several people who have bought the two wheel electric scooters and they have never recorded an incident. You too can be assured of great peace of mind if you will follow the right safety procedures after buying the hoverboards. You need to embrace safety habits when ridding on the electric scooters. This is necessary for you to avoid injuries due to falling from the scooters. You should as well stay equipped with tips on how to avoid fire incidences which can come up due to overcharging the devices. There are some brands which are known to expose users to dangers of fires. If possible you should avoid them for you to stay safe. Some of the ways through which you can improve your safety upon buying the scooters include the following:

Wear safety gear

Some people will only wear helmet and assume they are safe. But, you should wear all safety gears recommended for you to stay safe when riding on the hoverboards. Wear your helmet and ensure it is fitting well. Apart from wearing a helmet, also wear knee and wrist caps for you to avoid severe injuries if by bad luck you will fall. You should take time and learn on how to ride the scooters before you start riding at high speed. You will hardly control the electric scooters if you will start riding and go to high speeds yet you have not mastered the art of riding them. It is easy to understand how they work, just take your time and within no time you will know how to ride the electric scooters.

Avoid overcharging them

Overcharging the hoverboards can result to fire. In order to avoid cases where you will risk fire in your home, always ensure you charge the hoverboards to the recommended level. They have indicators which will show you when they are fully charged. You should plug them in a place where you can easily see the progress of the charge so that you will unplug them when they are fully charged. Some people leave them when plugged in overnight. That is a mistake you should avoid at all cost. This is because when charging at night, they will be fully charged when you are not aware after which they will overheat and catch fire.


Avoid using your mobile phones when ridding

You need to concentrate so that you will achieve the necessary balance required when riding on the electric scooters. When concentrating with mobile phones, you may steer them towards other pedestrians and injure them. You may as well run into ditches. You should always avoid any interruptions when ridding on the hoverboards. This is necessary for you to avoid incidences where you will get involved in an accident due to lack of concentration when ridding on the electric scooters.


Buy genuine batteries for the 2 wheel hoverboard in Canada

You will have to fit genuine batteries in the hoverboards. If by any chance you will have to replace the one which were bought with the electric scooters, then you need to check on the type of battery which is recommended and replace it in your scooter. This is necessary because going for a wrong battery can easily interfere with the working of your electric scooter. You will risk lowering the maximum speed which can be reached by the electric scooter or even fire incidences. The design of the scooters also matter. There are others which are made to assure you great safety. You need to buy such brands if you will like to be assured of great peace of mind when it comes to safety.

Use recommended charges

There are certain types of charges which are recommended for different batteries fitted on the electric scooters. In order to avoid making mistakes which will lead to the burning of your electric scooter, always go for the right type of charges. Remember using any charger will reduce the lifespan of your 2 wheel hoverboard in Canada as well as increasing risk of malfunctioning of the hoverboards which can lead to incidences of fire when riding on the self-balancing 2 wheel hoverboard in Canada.

Tips When Looking For Canadian Hoverboard for Sale

When looking for Canadian hoverboard for sale that works, there are factors you need to take into consideration. First, you should take into consideration the safety of the hoverboards. There are others which are made with self-balancing technology. You should go further and assess the hoverboards so that you will know whether they are the right for you to buy. There is no need of buying something which will expose you to dangers. You should as well take time to learn on how the devices are used. You will risk yourself if you will see others enjoying their time while on the devices and you try to imitate them. Always take your time and read reviews offered online about the devices before you buy. After you order your pair, you should check on the instructions provided on how to use them before you get stated. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will be exposed to injuries.


Safety features of the hoverboard

Safety is among major factors you need to take into consideration if you will like to be assured of great services. You should always check on safety features provided on the self-balancing scooter. There are others which have been equipped with Bluetooth technology so that you will enjoy great success when using them; they are among the best which you can consider if you will like to be assured of great services. It is upon you to check whether the self-balancing scooters have been equipped with specific features which you will like to use or not.


Design of the two wheel scooter

There are several designs of Canadian self-balancing scooters available. In order to make the right decision, always consider buying scooters which are made out of a design which you will feel comfortable riding on them. The designs available will vary on colors and other features. You should assess different designs available so that you will decide on one which will assure you great services. It will be to your advantage if you will buy a hoverboard which will serve you well. You can compare different designs of the self-balancing scooters available so that you will decide on one which will assure you great success while out trying to enjoy your free time.


Price of the hoverboard

The self-balancing scooters are available at different prices. In order to make the right decision, you should take into consideration your budget when buying the hoverboards. There are some stores which are known to sell the hoverboards attractive rates. You can compare different stores available so that you will know the best which will offer you the hoverboards at the best prices. Apart from comparing the cost, you should as well take into consideration the quality of services which a given store offers. A store which will offer you the hoverboards and a warranty which will cover you for a considerable period of time will be among the best which you can consider.


Maximum speed which can be reached

The hoverboards available can move at different maximum speeds. In order to choose the best which will move you at high speed, if you prefer moving very fast, then you need to check on the specification of the hoverboards. If you are a newbie, then it is advisable for you to go for a self-balancing scooter which will move at considerable low speed. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will buy a self-balancing scooter which you will fail to ride on due to high speed. The controls should be easy to use as well.


Range of the hoverboards

The hoverboards will be powered by electric power. You will have to charge your device and go out to ride on it. There are others which will move over short distances and they will require you to recharge them. In order to enjoy yourself fully, you need to look for a system which will keep charge for a long period of time. You can start by carrying out research on Canadian hoverboard for sale available so that you will know whether a given set of hoverboards which you are about to buy will be the best for you to go for.



What Will You Do With an Electric Powered Two Wheel Scooter?

There are several things you can do with an electric powered two wheel scooter. For example, you can decide to go out and teach your family members on how to use the equipment. It is a great sports gear you can buy if you will like to enjoy your free time with family members. The scooter is equipped with features which will make you enjoy riding on it. You may be afraid at first when trying to balance on the scooter, but you will later discover it is a great piece which you can use to enjoy your time. If you like moving around in your neighborhood, you will find the scooter very helpful. It can help you move over 30 kilometers before you can recharge it. It is very convenient, you will just recharge it and it will carry you to different places. If you are among those who will like to conserve the environment, then this is a great gear you can buy. It uses electricity hence it will not pollute the environment.



Enjoying outdoors with your friends by riding hoverboard scooter from ebay


Your friends and you can buy several scooters and go out riding on them. The scooters have been made to assure you great fun. You will just play with the sense of balance and you will easily balance on the scooter. It will move you at a speed which you will determine. You can decide to move at low speeds for safety reasons. You will enjoy your time outdoors with friends. This will be among the best decisions you can ever make if you will like to get out and relax.


Teaching your friends on how to ride on electric powered two wheel scooter

You may have close friends who do not know how to use the scooter. You will make them happy after you decide to buy the scooter and go out with them. Even if you feel like you have not added value to your friends, they will be happy knowing that you were the one who taught them. The scooters available come in different colors and controls. You will stay engaged in a fun activity after you decide to have your friends close to you where you will be teaching them on how to use the hoverboards. The scooters can be used by people of all ages. You will find teenagers using them as well as mature people. You will stay entertained after buying the scooters. This is simply because you will know each time you will go out relaxing there is something you will be engaged in.


Your family members will love it

Just imagine moving on a scooter down the driveway. You will make most of your family members who do not like going out accompany you to ride the scooters. You will create good time where you will get out of the house with your family members to enjoy the summer sun. It is advisable for you to busk in the sun for some hours. It will be very easy for you to busk in the sun after you decide to buy the sports gear. It will be a good reason for you and your family members to get out of your house and enjoy the environment. The scooters have been made to achieve the highest level of safety. This makes them among the best devices which you can buy if you will like to enjoy your free time when out busking in the sun.


It will motivate you to exercise

If you will like to stay healthy, then you need to look for something which will motivate you to get out of your home and walk in the neighborhood. It will be very easy for you to get out of your sitting room and exercise after you decide to get involved in scooter riding exercise. You will definitely enjoy yourself after buying the scooter. First, you will start learning on how the scooter can be driven. With time you will understand on how the scooter works after which you will go out and speed on the walkway. The scooters have been fitted with safety features such as self-balancing technology which will prevent you from failing while on high speed. They will make you learn new things in life which will make you enjoy your life.